Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among men, but accurate early detection of the deadly disease – – based primarily on measuring PSA levels in the blood – – has been a major challenge for physicians.

Using advanced technology to diagnose and treat prostate cancer is the focus of Taubman Scholar Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan’s work at the University of Michigan Medical School. His discovery-driven research has identified a gene that appears to be a molecular marker for aggressive forms of prostate cancer. This discovery gives doctors a dependable way to predict which prostate cancers will spread and which will remain localized. That helps doctors and patients make better decisions about which cases require intensive treatment.

Demonstrating how breakthrough science can quickly be translated into effective medical treatment, U of M is now offering a urine test called Mi-Prostate Score based on Dr. Chinnaiyan’s discovery. The new test has proven to be far more accurate than the PSA analysis alone.

Saving lives today and curing diseases tomorrow is what the A. Alfred Taubman Medical research Institute is all about. It’s the brilliant work of scientist/physicians like Arul Chinnaiyan that convinces me that there are no medical challenges beyond our grasp.

Read more about Dr. Chinnaiyan’s discovery here.

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